WHEN: July 1, 2014

TIME:  6:15pm

WHERE: Council Chamber - 70 N. First Street

WHAT: A City Council study session is being held to present a conceptual residential development proposal for the City Council's review and policy direction relative to density, housing type (rental or ownership) and housing need.  This specific project is an assemblage of nine parcels comprising approximately 3.15 acres located on Railway Avenue, adjacent to the City's corporation yard and the Avalon Campbell apartment complex.  St. Anton Communities is proposing as their preferred choice a four-story podium apartment complex consisting of 155 units at a density of 49 units per acre.

This concept far exceeds the City's maximum allowable density of 27 units/gr. acre (or 36 units/gr acre with a "Density Bonus"). 

It is important for the community to register its concerns early with the City Council and City staff while this process is at the preliminary stage.  These big projects have a way of taking sharp turns later on. Letting your City Council members, commissioners and staff know you are paying attention will help ensure this project reflects our values as downtown residents. We all have a stake in the outcome and decisions made for this project since it will set a precedent for (1) density across Campbell; (2) the balance of owner-occupied vs. rental housing units; and (3) traffic and parking.