WHEN: November 20, 2013

TIME:  7:00pm

WHERE: Room E-42, the Board Room, Campbell Community Center
(Note the change of location from our traditional meeting place in the library.) 

WHAT: We are excited to have two special presentations for members of DCNA: the Civic Center Renewal Project and the Dell Avenue Renewal Project will be outlined by Todd Capurso, Director of Public Works, and Paul Kermoyan, Community Development Director for the City of Campbell. This will be the first time these projects are presented to the public.

These two projects represent the most ambitious undertakings for the city in decades. The Civic Center project includes a new building for the Campbell Police Department, a complete renovation of City Hall, and (finally) a new library! The Dell Avenue project will transform the area adjacent to the percolation ponds at the south end of Campbell to include larger buildings for expanding businesses, a hotel, and restaurants. Both projects are in the conceptual and early planning stages, however you are welcome to bring your questions and comments.