WHEN: September 15, 2010

TIME: 6:00 pm

WHERE: Community Room of Campbell Library

WHAT: This fall our membership meeting will be a first for us. We will host an informal meeting with all 9(!) candidates for Campbell City Council. Each candidate will be asked to fill out a questionnaire prior to the meeting. You will receive a copy of each candidate's answers to our questionnaire via gogoVerde prior to the meeting so you can size them up ahead of time. At the meeting we will give each candidate 2 or 3 minutes to introduce himself or herself, then they will be free to roam the room and meet you--the citizens and voters of downtown Campbell. Remember, there are only 3 open seats this time. The DCNA board felt that a formal interview format was unworkable given the large number of candidates. We hope this is a big success, and we look forward to hearing about it from you. And the most important announcement of all: Pizza and salad will be available beginning at 6:00PM.