WHEN: March 13, 2014

TIME:  6:30-9:30pm

WHERE: Orchard City Banquet Hall in the Campbell Community Center

WHAT: A community meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 12, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM, at the Orchard City Banquet Hall in the Community Center. The meeting will be led by consultants hired by the city to introduce various concepts and receive input on plans to completely renovate our Civic Center. As you may know, the city has outgrown the current spaces. A quick visit to the library will confirm the need for more space! (NOTE: The recent renovation of the Banquet Hall, a former high school cafeteria, shows what can be done when there is a quality plan carried out with integrity.) 

While this process in at the preliminary stage it is important for the community to register its concerns early. As the process moves forward it should reflect those early concerns, but these big projects have a way of taking sharp turns later on. Letting the planners know we are paying attention now will help to insure that the finished plan reflects our values as downtown residents. 

We all have a stake in the outcome. It will affect traffic, parking in downtown, expanded library services, the Summer Concert Series on Orchard City Green, and possibly the future of the historic firehouse which houses the Campbell Museum. 


WHEN: November 20, 2013

TIME:  7:00pm

WHERE: Room E-42, the Board Room, Campbell Community Center
(Note the change of location from our traditional meeting place in the library.) 

WHAT: We are excited to have two special presentations for members of DCNA: the Civic Center Renewal Project and the Dell Avenue Renewal Project will be outlined by Todd Capurso, Director of Public Works, and Paul Kermoyan, Community Development Director for the City of Campbell. This will be the first time these projects are presented to the public.

These two projects represent the most ambitious undertakings for the city in decades. The Civic Center project includes a new building for the Campbell Police Department, a complete renovation of City Hall, and (finally) a new library! The Dell Avenue project will transform the area adjacent to the percolation ponds at the south end of Campbell to include larger buildings for expanding businesses, a hotel, and restaurants. Both projects are in the conceptual and early planning stages, however you are welcome to bring your questions and comments.


WHEN: November 28, 2012

TIME:  6:30 doors open, 7:00-8:00pm meeting

WHERE: Campbell Library Community Room (downstairs)

WHAT: Our guest will be a representative of the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office, Consumer Protection Unit. The topic is "Spam, Scams and Lies--Be a Savvy Consumer". Topics will include the latest information on email scams, protecting yourself when you make online purchases, how to research a business before you sign a contract, and what to do if you feel you have been ripped-off. If your experience with online fraudsters is an occasional Nigerian "inheritance" scheme, you will be surprised to learn how far these types of scams have evolved. And, of course, there will be an opportunity for your questions. This presentation will offer the latest ideas in the fight against fraud.


WHEN: May 16, 2012

TIME: 6:30 doors open, 7:00-8:00pm meeting

WHERE: Campbell Library Community Room (downstairs)

WHAT: We have received notice that our guest speaker will not be available to attend our meeting this Wednesday, May 16, so we will reschedule her for a future date.  We will conduct a brief meeting of old and new business then devote the remainder of the time to a meet-and-greet social event. Remember to bring any household batteries and CFL light bulbs for recycling. The pedestrian safety letter to the city council will be available for you to sign.


WHEN: Saturday, April 07, 2012

TIME: 11:30AM

WHERE: Meet us at the end of downtown by the RR tracks 15min before parade starts

WHAT: This parade is a tradition in downtown Campbell. Join community groups, kids groups, well mannered dogs, local businesses, a fife and drum corps, and so many others as well as your neighbors in DCNA who will march in this three block parade.

Just show up at the east end of downtown by the RR tracks at least 15 minutes before the noon start time? (Look for the DCNA banner). Everyone is welcome--bring your kids, your neighbors, bikes and wagons.